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Can I make something cool, gorgeous or useful from this pile of junk and/or expensive craft supplies? Maybe, maybe not. The fun is in the process.

Mar 12

Dog party decorations: the return of Sparky

Do you guys remember Sparky the dog from the invitations I made to my son’s 2nd birthday party? No? Okay, go check him out here… I’ll wait! I designed Sparky for YMGP’s party and he found his way into the dog party decorations in many ways. Sparky became a banner, a sign, and the inspiration …

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Mar 10

You’re invited to a dog party!

My little boy just turned two. Seriously, where did the time go?  Even as a big, grown up, two-year-old, YMGP’s most favoritest thing is still dogs. He yells for his dog to come into his room every morning. He repeats, “Bye dog-dog” for the first 10 minutes or so after leaving the house. He gets super-excited …

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Mar 04

You are in luck! Make a tiny crocheted four leaf clover.

To my knowledge, I am not Irish. But, that doesn’t mean much. My heritage is so deep in the American melting pot that I am probably a little bit of everything. Either way, I never really found St. Patrick’s day particularly exciting. In fact, my memories of St. Patrick’s Day as a child are either …

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Feb 26

Learn to knit II: my first swatch


I did it. I knitted something. Its smaller than a business card. It is kinda wonky, and I am sure I dropped a stitch or two, but I did it, and I am proud of myself. Get this… I made a video of myself knitting a second swatch, and I am actually going to show …

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Feb 21

Prevent frayed ribbon with one easy trick.

It is no secret that I love ribbon. Anytime it isn’t too over the top, I tie something up with ribbon. It makes me happy. You know what doesn’t make me happy? Frayed ribbon ends.  Recently I learned a quick and simple trick to keep ribbon from fraying, and it kinda-sorta changed my life, not …

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