Jun 24

Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket

chevron crochet baby blanket

There are so many reasons I love making things for babies. Baby stuff is soft and adorable as well as small and easily tackled. But most of all, I love making things for babies because homemade baby items get loved and used. So, when a friend of mine told me all about the grey and yellow gender-neutral nursery she was planning with elephants and chevrons, I knew immediately I wanted to make her little peanut a chevron crochet baby blanket.

folded baby blanket

Let’s take a second and talk about chevron. Yes, it is super trendy. Yes, it has been way overdone in the blogosphere. Yes, I am sure someone else has made and blogged about a blanket very similar to this one before. But, I don’t care. I will admit it right here and now. I like chevron. A lot. And more importantly, my friend (who had never read a blog before I sent her to mine) likes it and is incorporating it into her baby’s room.

Wow. Was that a rant? Sorry about that. Moving on.

Crocheting chevrons is pretty simple. It comprises basic rows of double crochet, except that you increase (the peaks) and decrease (the valleys) at regular intervals. 

chevron blanket

Here’s the pattern.

Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket

(ch – chain; dc – double crochet; dc3tog – 3 double crochets together)

Ch 141.

Each Row: Ch3. Dc in first stitch. **Dc in next 5 stitches. dc3tog. 5 dc. dc ch1 dc in next stitch.** Repeat pattern between ** 10 times ending with 2 dc (instead of dc ch1 dc )in the final stitch.

Work 63 rows changing color every three rows (I started with white and ended with white).

I finished by working a single row of dcs along the raw edge and connecting it so that it appeared contiguous with the first and last rows.

chevron baby blanket

I love how it turned out, and I hope that it gets used and loved by my friend and her lil’ munchkin. You will want to stop by on Wednesday to check out how I packaged this blanket for the shower. It was pretty ingenious dual-use packaging… if I do say so myself. 

Do you love this blanket? Want to see more? See some blankets made by my readers here

Having trouble with the pattern? Check out the detailed pattern and video tutorial here!

Want to see more baby blanket patterns? Check out this one.


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  1. Tess

    So pretty! Wish I could make those!
    Coming from Plucky’s Linky!

    1. Laura

      Thanks Tess – and thanks for stopping by!

  2. hsmominmo

    Adorable! pinning this – we have a new grandbaby arriving mid-winter, this would be the perfect thing. Thanks for the pattern!

    1. Laura

      Congratulations! I hope that you make this blanket for your grandbaby and he/she loves it. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Rebekah Lewis

    I so wish I knew how to crochet/knit. Projects like these make me jealous!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    New follower 🙂

    1. Laura

      Hi Rebekah! Glad to have you along! I learned to crochet when I was a girl scout, then forgot for a decade or so. I bought one of those teach yourself to crochet kits five years or so ago and the basics came back to me fairly quickly. I’ve been hooking it up ever since, but I also want to learn to knit… one of these days I’ll have the time, right? Thanks for stopping by!

      1. mary

        Learn to knit! It took me about an hour with my crocheting background to get the basics down it’d probably take someone talented like you ten minutes.I love both. And thanks for this pattern I love it 🙂

    2. Samantha Iler

      Ibought the i cant believe I’m crocheting: updated edition, and ive learned mainly from that. I love it, very easy instructions and great pictures.

      1. Laura

        How exciting Samantha! I am pretty sure I bought that book when I got back into crocheting 7-8 years ago!

  4. Ashley Christensen

    I love this blanket! I would love it if you would come and link this up at my link party
    Dandelion Wishes Wednesday. I’m also pinning this 🙂

    1. Laura

      Hi Ashley, Thanks for the invite and for the pin! I am glad you like my blanket… thanks for stopping by.

  5. Christine

    I love this blanket! I’m putting it on my try list!

    1. Laura

      Thanks Christine! Give it a try! And let me know how it turns out…

  6. Stef @ Milkshed

    Love it! I’m a knitter and juuuust starting to get into crochet. I’ve wanted to try a baby blanket for awhile. I may just use this as inspiration.

    1. Laura

      I hope you are enjoying the journey into crochet, and I hope you do use this blanket as an inspiration – it would be a great first crochet blanket for someone with knitting experience… not to complicated, and not to boring. 🙂

  7. Jamie

    Hi. Thank you so much for this pattern! What size crochet hook did you use? And what kind of yarn? I’m so excited to try this!

    1. Laura

      Hi Jamie! I used an H hook and baby weight yarn. The white and grey yarn were different brands, and you can kinda tell that the white is a bit heavier than the grey if you look closely. Play around with it and see what combo works up how you like it. Thanks so much for stopping by and if you make a blanket, I would love to see it.

  8. Barbara

    Beautiful! My gf is doing chevron in her nursery. What size hook did you use? Did you do a gauge? I’m lazy about doing my gauges. So totally doing this in pink/gray

    1. Laura

      Barbara – me too. I didn’t do a gauge, just stitched until it seemed like about the right size. I’m a rebel – I prefer to craft without rules 🙂 I used a H hook and baby weight yarn. I hope your blanket turns out beautiful.

  9. Thelma

    Hi Laura! I love this blanket! How many balls of yarn did you use for each color? I’m learning crochet and this is going on my list!

    1. Laura

      Hi Thelma…. I am going to say 2 balls of each. I used about 1.5 of the grey, but the white came from a big skein in my stash, so I have no idea how much I actually used. It is a great first blanket. It only uses one stitch, and will help you learn to keep track of increases and decreases. It is also smart to start with a baby blanket… blankets always take much longer than you expect. Feel free to ping me if you have any other questions.

      1. Gin

        Do you know how many yards of the grey you used?

        1. Laura

          No idea, sorry. I have never thought about yarn in yards. I used about a ball and a half. I hope that helps.

  10. Amanda

    Hi love the blanket. I’m little confused on the pattern. After the double crochet three together I’m not sure how many stitches I’m using for the rest of it. If its 5 in one stitch or 5 seperate stitches and the rest all in same stitch on separate. I guess I need little more detail. I’m sorry if that’s confusing. I just started teaching myself to crochet n trying to do this blanket for my 4 1/2 month old.

    1. Laura

      Hi Amanda – I am sorry if my pattern is confusing – I also had a hard time with patterns when I was teaching myself. Hopefully, my explanation will help a bit…
      The basic pattern is to work 5 double crochet stitches in between each increase (double crochet, chain and then double crochet in the same stitch) and decrease (three double crochets together). It seems weird when you start, but once you get going it gets much easier – you will increase around the chain of the previous row and decrease with the previous decrease stitch as the middle of the three double crochets together. The only trick is to remember to increase at the end of the row.
      Does that help? If not, send me an email and we can figure it out.

      1. Perrianne Dixon

        Glad you explained it for her I was a little confused too! Made it much easier to understand. But I cant wait to get started on this for my wittle one.

  11. Amanda

    Ok maybe confused by whole thing. I think I’m thinking about it too much n making it seem harder than it really is..lol.

    1. Laura

      No problem. Let me know if you have any trouble. 🙂

      1. Amanda

        Ok I think I understand now. I’m gonna try it. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks Sooo much! 🙂

        1. Laura

          You can do it Amanda! I can’t wait to see your lil’ one’s blanket!

  12. Samantha

    What is the measurement of the entire blanket?

    1. Laura

      Hi Samantha! I am sorry, I didn’t measure it. But, I guess since I didn’t make a gauge, I can’t help you replicate the size anyway. What I can tell you is that it came out square and was reasonably big for a baby blanket… maybe around 45″ by 45″.

  13. Holly

    Laura- I started this blanket last night and didn’t think it was going right. I read your previous comments and indeed clarification one more time. 5 dc in 5 stitches dc3tog dc in next 5 stitches, dc chain 1 and then dc into the SAME stitch as the pre opus dc before the chain?

    I was putting the dc after the ch into the following stitch and it wasn’t working is this where I went wrong?

    1. Laura

      Hi Holly! I am so excited that you are making this blanket. Please, please, please send me a pic when you are done. I am sorry if my pattern is a little confusing. You want to put your dc-chain-dc increases in the chain space of the previous row. Just stick your hook in the big ol’ space and stitch away. Those are my favorite stitches, cuz you can’t miss! By working your dc-chain-dc’s in the space, each increase is symmetrical and they will line up into pretty columns of chevrony-goodness as you work through the blanket. I hope that helps, and feel free to post or email me with any more questions.

      1. Laura

        Hi again Holly… I just reread your comment, and realized I didn’t exactly answer your question. Yes, you want to crochet both dc’s into the chain space, then the first of your next set of five dc’s goes into the first dc after the chain.

  14. mindy

    Love the pattern–cute and simple! I’m excited to make one.

    One question–so are you actually starting with 144 ch or still the 141 ch, then dc in 4th ch from hook? Thanks for clarifying the pattern!

    1. Laura

      Hi Mindy… I am actually starting with 144, and the first stitch is in the fourth chain from the hook. I hope that helps. I am so excited that you are making this blanket!

      1. mindy

        Perfect! Thank you!

  15. Marriah

    Hey! I was having a little trouble with this, the peaks of each zig zag aren’t exactly lining up. Does that matter?

    1. Laura

      Hi Marriah…. it does matter. Each dc-ch-dc should be in the chain space of the previous row, and each dc3tog should be right on top of the previous one. Once you get going, you can count less and watch your stitches to know where to increase and decrease. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions.

  16. Christine

    Hi, I have started this blanket twice & keep undoing it. How do you do the double crochet-chain-double crochet? The pattern is very confusing. Is there a YouTube video you could post the link of to show me how it’s done? I have taught myself to crochet, but I’m really having trouble with your pattern. I’m getting the points in the dc3tog but not the dc-ch-dc.
    Please help!!!

    1. Laura

      Hi Christine, I am sorry it is confusing – I am certainly learning a lesson about how to share patterns. Thanks for sticking with me. To work the dc-ch-dc increase, you double crochet once (either in your foundation chain or in the chain space of the dc-ch-dc of the previous row) then work a single chain stitch, then double crochet again in the same place as the previous double crochet. As Mindy points out, the stitch is also known as a “V” stitch – it should look like a “V” after you are done. Yes, you could also do three dc in the same stitch and have approximately the same effect, however, the dc-ch-dc will make the peaks of your chevron pattern a little more pointy. I hope that helps. If not send me an email and we will figure it out for you.

  17. Christine

    Is the dc-ch1-dc the same as doing 3dc in the one stich?

    1. mindy

      You’ll double crochet into a stitch, then make 1 chain, then double crochet into the same stitch again. It creates a little V which forms the top of the peak. Hope that helps!

  18. Kim

    What are the measurements of the afghan?

    1. Laura

      Hi Kim, I didn’t measure it, that said I didn’t do a gauge to tell you how to replicate my measurements either. I can tell you that it was a big but not giant baby blanket… say 40x40ish. I hope that helps!

  19. Elizabeth

    This is such a beautiful blanket!!! I would love to make one just like this, but I keep having problems with the pattern (I’m very new to crocheting). I wonder…could you post a video of you making some of these stiches?

    1. Laura

      Hi Elizabeth! That is a great idea. I have had so many people ask for help with this blanket, it would be worth adding a video. That said, it might be a while before I get it done. In the mean time, check out this video… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo8q5A7VvSY
      The basics are the same, but for the decreases, I did 3 dc together and for the increase, I did a dc, chain, dc increase. I hope that helps!

  20. Jamie

    Hi Laura!

    I’m working on this pattern and I’m wondering how you account for the extra stitches created by the dc3tog and the dc/ch/dc? Maybe I’m doing it wrong but as I’m working back across the first row, I’m noticing that I have to add stitches to get to the chain and to the middle of the three together…so I’m ending up with 6 dc between the increase and decrease, which I can only assume will continue to become more and more stitches as I work up! Should I be skipping some DCs to get to the centers of the increase/decrease? I’m hoping my question makes sense! Thanks!

  21. Jamie

    Never mind, I realized what I did wrong! I misunderstood how to do the dc3tog stitch but I got it now!

    1. Laura

      Okay, well let me know if you run into any more problems! I hope you make an amazing blanket!

  22. Jaime

    Is the dc3tog all 3 double crotches in the same stitch or is each one in its own stitch and then brought together? When I do it all in the same stitch I get a large hole… Also, can you clarify one more time is the dc ch1dc occurs in the same stitch? Thanks! I’m hoping to pull this off

    1. Laura

      Hi Jamie!
      The dc3tog is three stitches brought together. In detail: yarn over, insert hook into next stitch, yarn over, pull through stitch – three loops on hook. yarn over, pull through two loops – two loops on hook. yarn over, insert hook into next stitch, yarn over, pull through stitch – four loops on hook. yarn over, pull through two loops – three loops on hook. yarn over, insert hook into next stitch, yarn over, pull through stitch – five loops on hook. yarn over, pull through two loops – four loops on hook. yarn over, pull through all four loops. The dc-ch-dc occurs in one stitch, and should make a little “V”. Once you are going, you will crochet both dc around the chain of the dc-ch-dc in the previous row (also know as in the chain space). Does that help?

  23. Tara

    I love the pattern! I just started one and I thought I was off to a great start. I am on I think the sixth row and I noticed that it seems like I’m losing stitches at the ends. I thought my dc3tog and dc-ch-dc were lining up fine. At the ends it’s taking me fewer dc to get to the end. I don’t know if that makes sense. Do you know what I could have done wrong. Do I have to rip it all out and start again :-(. Thanks for any help!!

    1. Laura

      Hi Tara. That totally happened to me too. I did rip it out, but its up to you whether you want to or not. Make sure you are finishing each row with 2 dc in the final stitch. You should have 7 stitches between the final increase/decrease and the edge of the blanket. I hope that helps.

  24. Stephanie & Jatayah

    Thanks for showing this pattern and how to dc3tog. I am making my girl this blanket with 6 shades of pink and white. Ill send a picture with my progress 🙂

    1. Laura

      Awesome! I would love, love, love to see a picture!

  25. Lana

    Hi Laura. Love the blanket, and the pattern seems to be coming out well for me so far (though I’ve only just finished 2 rows). Just a quick question to clarify the pattern regarding ending the row with 2dc. After repeating the 14-stitch combo 10 times, should I be ending the row with a dc-ch-dc-dc (all in one stitch), or dc-ch-dc (in one stitch) and then a dc-dc (in one stitch)? I just can’t seem to make the total stitch count come out right in my head…

    1. Laura

      Hi Lana! Sorry that is a little confusing. Skip the last dc-ch-dc and end with just a dc-dc. I edited the pattern to make that more clear… thanks for pointing that out!

      1. Lana

        Excellent. It makes sense now. Thank you so much.

  26. Heather

    I’ve been working on this blanket and it’s super cute! I do have one question….one side is completely straight up and down, while the other end is straight, but going at a diagonal….what am I doing wrong???

    1. Laura

      Hi Heather! I am not sure what is going wrong. If you have 5 stitches between each increase or decrease and 7 stitches on the ends, it should be straight.

  27. Chris

    Hi Laura, what size hook did you use? What yarn works well with this pattern? Thanks for your pattern and your help Chris

    1. Laura

      Hi Chris. I used an H-hook and baby weight yarn, but you could easily use worsted weight.

  28. Courtney

    I am not sure how to do row 2 and so on? Pattern doesn’t say

    1. Ms. Crochet Extraordinare

      Hi Laura. I love blankets like this also. The combinations are endless and so wonderful for babies as well as adults and kids. I totally agree with you that blankets like these make wonderful gifts.

  29. Amanda

    Hey its Amanda. I messaged you on here back in July I think about how to do this blanket. It has taken me forever! LOL.. I made it a little bigger and added couple things to it but its finally done!! :).. I’m Sooo pleased with the results and thank you for sharing the pattern! I’d love to share the pic with you just not sure where to send it?

    1. Laura

      um, oh my gosh, I would love, love, love to see your blanket! You should get an email with my reply to your comment, you can find my email address in that (or at the top left-hand corner of my page – just click on the envelope button).

  30. Myrna

    I was wondering about the very beginning of the pattern, when double crocheting into fourth chain from the hook do you count that as on of the five double crotchets? And should it be five or seven double crotchets at the very beginning? I saw you said to someone that it should be 7 stitches on the ends I assume that is the ends of both sides and if you are counting the 3 chains you use as the first stitch then you would do six more double crotchets. Does that make sense? I am sort of a novice so please bear with me 🙂

  31. Nicole

    Do you know how much material is needed and what type you used. I have multiple babys coming soon and want to make a few of these blankets but no pattern i have found has said how much or what type of material.
    Beautiful blanket!!

  32. Kay

    Your blanket is very pretty so I thought I would try it. I am not a beginner, but have been crocheting for about 30 years. When I do the “dc chain dc in the same stitch,” I am not getting a chevron pattern!

    1. Laura

      Hi Kay. I would love to help you out. Could you be more specific about the problem you are having? A dc-ch-dc (or a v-stitch), should act as an increase causing your work to kink downward.

  33. Cassie

    Hi I love this blanket I’m making one for my older niece but need it bigger. Could you please tell me what multiples of stitches I need? I hope that makes sense :).

    1. Laura

      Hi Cassie. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Sorry it took me a while, I had to find the time to sit down and figure it out. Chain a multiple of 14 plus 1 and add three to count as the first dc.

  34. Candace

    Thank you for sharing your pattern and instructions. I know how to knit and am teaching myself crochet. I am only putting the hook through the back loop of each stitch. This makes the pattern look like it’s the equivalent of knitting every row instead of knitting a row followed by purling a row. Am I supposed to put the hook through both of the top loops of a stitch?

    1. Laura

      Hi Candace. Technically, you are supposed to go through both loops, however, you can certainly crochet through only one loop, it will give the final blanket a slightly different texture, but if you like the texture go for it!

  35. Candace

    Laura – my blanket is kinking downward on the dc3 together and goes up on the dc-ch-dc stitch. Is this backwards?

    1. Laura

      Yes, it does sound backwards. I have no idea how that might happen. Do the chevrons look right? It may just be a matter of semantics.

  36. Echo

    I’m trying to make this blanket for my baby due in June and by golly I can’t get it right I’ve been crocheting for quite a while and I’m pretty good about following patterns but my first row isn’t coming out right, after I have repeated it all 10 times I still have 8-10 of the first chain left over and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Would you be able to send me an email with a pattern that’s a little more clear and easy to follow? echopaige91@gmail.com

    1. Laura

      Hi Echo. I am sorry I do not have the time right now to rewrite the pattern. Hopefully I can help you with your problem. If you ignore the extra chains, how does your first row look? Have you tried continuing? Does it look right? It is possible that you just chained to many (which may be my fault). If that is the case, you can easily cut the extra chain off, or unravel he stitches one by one. Honestly, I always chain a few extra and them remove them when I am done (just in case I count wrong). I hope that helps.

  37. Wanda Harelson

    I am preparing to make a blanket for my niece to give her cousin. Can you tell me what size the blanket is for your pattern? Thank you so much…..Wanda H

  38. Kelly W

    This is not making sense!! It is increasing and increasing, not increasing and decreasing. The dc ch1 dc in same stitch seems wrong?!?!

    1. Laura

      Hi Kelly. Hopefully I can help. The dc-ch- dc is the increase. The dc3tog is the decrease. Are you doing 3 dcs instead of a decreasing stitch?

  39. Kelly W

    No wonder I am confused!! I am working on one right now where the dc3tog is the increase (3 dc in one stitch).
    How do you do this decrease?

  40. Kelly W

    I think I got it figured out!!
    Thanks for your help!!

  41. Amy T

    Love this pattern! A friend at work shared it with me and i’m going to make one…question, do you know how much you’d increase the chain to make a more adult-size blanket? Thanks!

    1. Laura

      Hi Amy. Chain any multiple of 14, and add one. I used 10 chevrons for a total of 141 and got a blanket about 40-45 inches square. So with my gauge (which I didn’t measure) each chevron was a little over 4 inches. So 12×14+1 would give you about about 50″ wide blanket and 15×14+1 would give you about a 60″ wide blanket. I hope that makes sense.

      1. Amy T

        It does…thanks!!!

  42. Susan

    Hi Laura! I am making this darling blanket for my grandson due in April. Thank you for sharing. My issue is the ends of the rows…..I always end up with 6 dc AFTER my last 3dctog….even though you say to have 7…what am I doing wrong?

    1. Laura

      Nothing. You should have 6. I found the mistake in the comments above. That’s what happens when you give away the blanket everyone has questions about! As long as your ends stay straight and the number of stitches doesn’t change over time, you are good. Sorry for the confusion.

  43. Susan

    Thank you Laura…I thought I had read all the comments….guess I missed that one! I love this blanket and can’t wait to take a picture to show you. Thanks again for your time and sharing this!

  44. Katherine

    Hi Laura,

    First of all, I have to say that your chevron blankets are totally beautiful. I am finding it hard to follow to get it going. Can you please post a tutorial/instructions on how to crochet a chevron pattern blanket?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Laura

      I am putting together a video tutorial for next week!

  45. Tanis

    Love it!
    I will be making one for my future niece/nephew 🙂

    1. Laura

      Yay! I’d love to see how it turns out Tanis!

  46. Gina

    Hi! I love this blanket! I am a beginner and I am confused by what dc ch1 dc in next stitch means. I am assuming this is for the “valley”, but I usually just skip 2 chains to make the valley. Can you explain that a little better for me? Thanks! And thanks for this patttern, this blanket is just perfect!

    1. Laura

      Hi Gina, please see my follow up post here, and let me know if you still have any questions.

  47. Natalie

    Hi! I have a question about the border. Since the stitches aren’t as defined on the sides of the blanket, where do you place the stitches when doing the border? Thanks!

    1. Laura

      Hi Natalie. This is one of those times I wish I still had the blanket to tell you exactly where I put them, but alas, I gave it away. The best answer I can give you is that you work it in there… around the chains and double crochets that make up the side of the blanket. Play with it until you get the spacing right… I feel like I often work 2 stitches in the chains, and 1 around the post of the double crochet. It is a little awkward at first, but once you get a little bit done you will see that it looks much better than you think it does. I hope that helps.

  48. Sandee

    This is perfect for my daughter. She is expecting a girl in May and also has elephants and grey chevron (and some pink and aqua) as a theme. Saw this and had that “ta da” moment! Giving this a go and THANK YOU!!!

    1. Laura

      Sandee, her nursery sounds darling! Your blanket will turn out gorgeous, I know it. Best wishes to your new granddaughter!

  49. Danielle

    Hi Laura,
    Love this pattern, I have wanted to try a chevron blanket for so long (I’ve been stuck in blissful granny square heaven) and it’s my friends daughters 1st birthday and I thought what better time to try to make this blanket. Her color theme is pink and purple and I’m doing a little bit brighter colors than someone normally would for a baby, because I figure a) it’ll be good for a stroller blanket and darker won’t show stains as easily and b) it won’t be light baby pink for when she gets older and can have it as a little lap blanket.
    My question is, for the first row of chain stitches, was yours a little tight and then flattened out? I imagine the border will help flatten and even it out, but I’m worried I may have crocheted the chain too tight that it won’t lay flat in the end. Any advice?

    1. Laura

      That happens. Yes the border will hide it to some extent, but you can avoid it by working your chains with a hook a couple sizes bigger than the one you are using for the rest of the blanket. BTW, I love non-traditional colors in baby items!

      1. Danielle

        Thanks so much, I worked another row or two after posting this and its flattening out some. I’m going to keep going and just hope for the best! Pictures to come 🙂

        1. Danielle

          So I am already working on my second blanket (starting on christmas presents early). The lap blanket for the baby was a hit, and I’d love to share a picture with you, but I’m spastic and can’t figure out how to upload it. Please help. Thanks

  50. Angela

    Hi there!! Love this blanket! Im attempting it for my niece for her birthday. But im afraid im already way over my head. How long did this blanket take you to make? Also, there are no decreases so its just going in a circle on the first row! lol I know I must be missing something.. at the end of the “repeat” it says, DC, ch 1, DC in next stitch… just so im clear, is that, double crochet, chain 1, double crochet in next stitch? Or is there a decrease in there that im missing? Also, I saw in another comment that you started with 144 stitches in your chain, but the pattern says chain 141 ? lol im brand new to blankets ,so please forgive me! thank you so much for your help.

    1. Laura

      Hi Angela… Lets see… how long? I didn’t time it, but I worked on it off and on for the better part of a month. There are decreases… the dc3tog is a decrease. See this post for more details (and it may answer more of your questions). Sorry about the chain confusion, 141 is the right number. Let me know if that helps!

  51. Yadira

    Hello I was woundering what needle do you use or the number of the needle?

  52. Shawna

    Hi, thank you so much for sharing this awesome pattern! I just taught myself to crochet a year ago. I whipped up this blanket for a friend’s baby shower in four days! The pattern was great and super easy to follow! Thanks again!

  53. cecially

    Hope this isn’t a repeat….but on the following rows after the first row would the ch1 in between the dc’s be counted as a stitch when you are going down the row??

    1. Emma

      In every row, whenever you come to a ch1, you always do your v-stitch (dc-ch-dc).

  54. Nicole

    This is such a cute pattern! I was wondering if I may sell finished items made from this pattern? I’d be happy to link back here. If not, I understand. Either way, it’s adorable!

  55. Jill

    I am trying to make this but the number of stitches I start with doesn’t come out right for the pattern at the end of the roll, you start with a chain of 141, right, you don’t chain 3 more when you first start? It says to do 10 of the patterns across, but that is more than 141 I have chained??? Can you help me, love this blanket!!

    1. Emma

      Jill, you are indeed starting with a 144 chain. Then do your first double crotchet stitch into the fourth chain from the hook.

  56. Emma

    Thank you for this pattern, found it very straightforward to follow 🙂 for all you British crotcheters, remember to do a treble crochet, not a double crotchet!

  57. Emma

    Jill, you are indeed starting with a 144 chain. Then do your first double crotchet stitch into the fourth chain from the hook.

  58. Nikki Dalton

    So I just finished the last row of the blanket!! I love it!! It was my first blanket ever!! But now I am stumped on how exactly to add the trim?

  59. Leisa Lisic

    I just finished my 1st baby blanket for my 1st Granddaughter, we have another none on the way and working on another, I want all of them to have a unique blanket from me, nana, I think that would be so special, I really like this pattern, I will be making it for our newest addition, I have 3 boys, all serving in the United States Navy, so girls in the family are so much fun, thank you for posting this I have been looking for a new blanket for Annabelle, she will be thrilled……

    Thank you,

  60. Debbie

    after u chain 141 what chain do u start in??? You left that out.


  61. Lynnette

    What type or weight of yarn do you usually use? What is the size of this afghan? It is adorable!

  62. Beverly

    Do you start the first row on the chain?

  63. Zurainny Ismail

    This chevron baby blanket looks so cute! And I’m so glad for this long thread of comments – the tips are very helpful.

  64. Sayble Giroux

    I was wondering what kind of yarn and crochet you used to make this pretty blanket. Also do you remember how many balls you used? Thanks sayble

  65. Cindy

    Super easy pattern and it came out adorable.bthank you for the pattern

  66. Cindy

    She used crochet hook H and Laura used baby weight yarn….I used acrylic soft yarn which I think is the same but it didn’t specify that it was baby yarn, men said 100% acrylic. Mine came out great. Good luck Sayble

  67. Joy Lewis

    I love how your project turned out. I started it today for my Great-Grantson. I hope it turns out as good as yours.

  68. Ginnie

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been looking for a simple pattern to make a chevron blanket for a friend and this is the simplest one I found! It works!! I started it and OMG I can do it!
    Thanks again!
    (P.S. Your blanket is beautiful!)

  69. Sharon

    Why does it keep coming out wit different counts on each up and down. I carefully count and get a nice looking chevron, but the next row, the numbers aren’t right after I decrease or increase! Help?!

  70. Christie

    Can u tell me the measurements of the finished blanket?

  71. sarah

    Love the look! What is the finished size of this blanket? Thanks!

  72. Amanda

    What a complete waste of my time. The pattern needs specified that the 5 DC are made in the same stitc. Aggravated I had to read comments after 3 hrs of trying to make it work

  73. Karen

    I like that I found your site on Pinterest and when I clicked to see instructions they came right up’ I love chevrons too and have been wanting to try one, it will be yours. Thanks for the share.

  74. Edith

    I am crocheting a diagonal afghan using chain and half a double crochet at each end, double and single crochet in the middle. Now I need help in starting the decrease. Can somebody help?

  75. Kimberly

    This is so precious! Thank you for making this pattern available. You can tell a lot of love went into making this baby blanket.

  76. LaDonna

    Loved it. Have a friend who is doing a star wars themed nursery. Didn’t have time to do any of the complicated star wars designs. I did this in black and white, changing the sizes of the sections so they were not all even. It is adorable and can be used long after the star wars theme goes away.

  77. shana

    Hi laura is it 3 dc togather then 5 dc in nexT st. This is the third ripple blanket i am trying. I love how it works and hope i can figute it out!

  78. shana

    is the first row supposed to be curly?

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