Mar 26

The easy way to make a dog-shaped cake

dog-shaped cake at theexperimentalhome.com

Y’all getting sick of dog party ideas yet? Either way, this is the final post about YMGP’s dog-themed second birthday party. And it might just be the most important post… the cake.

I dapple in cake decorating. I am not really any good. I love to do it, but not enough to practice when I don’t actually need to make a cake for something. And I really don’t like fondant, so have never gone that far.

So, when I saw this pin, which sadly doesn’t have an associated link, I knew a heart shaped pan was the way to go!

Luckily for me, I was thinking about this right after Valentine’s Day when heart-shaped pans were plentiful and cheap!

heart-shaped pan

First thing I did was make a cake. I used Betty Crocker, butter recipe chocolate. Don’t hate… the butter recipe mixes are so good, I rarely make a cake from scratch. I would much rather spend my time decorating!  I put about 3/4 a batch in a buttered and floured heart pan, baked it, let it cool and the cake came out easily. I then repeated. The remaining cake batter? It became cupcakes for a play date.

Once both cakes were cool, I started to assembly the dog. I cut one in half right down the middle and placed the “ears” on either side of the “head”. Since my heart-shaped pan is a little curvy, I ended up carving a little curve out of the inside of the ear pieces so there wouldn’t be any gaps.

naked dog-shaped cake Then I frosted the cake with a crumb coat. I used a basic butter cream frosting: 1 part soft butter to 4 parts powdered sugar, then add milk to desired consistency. I also add a tsp vanilla for every stick of butter.

Once the crumb coat was hard (a couple hours), I started frosting, again with buttercream frosting. For the dark chocolate, I subbed 1/2 part powdered sugar for cocoa powder. For the lighter chocolate, well, I made the darker one first, then made regular vanilla frosting in the bowl without washing it. Cheating? You tell me.

I then got to work with a pastry bag and a star tip. If you have never made little dollops with a star tip, this process might seem a little intimidating. Don’t worry; it is easy. To make a single star-shaped dollop, start with your tip perpendicular to the cake, almost touching the surface, squeeze out a little frosting, then pull the bag directly up. Practice a few times before you start, it is much easier than it looks. After covering about 1/8th of the surface of the cake, I regretted the decision to frost the cake with a star tip. My hand hurt… and there was a long way to go. I persevered, and a few minutes later, my hand heated up the frosting enough to make dolloping much easier.

dog-shaped cake at theexperimentalhome.com

My only regret is that I didn’t plan ahead a little better. The dogs face is a little lopsided, and his eyes could be a little bigger, but overall, my dog-shaped cake was a huge success! The little man loved it… and it tasted amazing. blow out the candles

That wraps up my dog party series. Be sure to check out these other posts:

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Also, be sure to check out YMGP’s first birthday party as well. Here are links to the theme, the decorations, the invitations, and the cake. Fair warning, these were some of my first blog posts and they are a little rough around the edges, but the ideas are still awesome!

Make a dog-shaped cake the easy way. Learn how at theexperimentalhome.com

Thanks for coming to the party!

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  1. Kristy gd

    Wow! I’m super impressed. I’m not very good at decorating food, but I’ll have to give this a try sometime. Thanks!

  2. Beckie

    Your dog cake is so cute. I am doing a Paw Patrol party and this cake is perfect. What size heart pan is it and how many people did it feed? What kind of paper is it sitting on? Thanks!!!!

  3. Ashley

    What size cake pan did you use?

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