Jun 17

Firecracker Necklace

firecracker necklace

The 4th of July at my house growing up was a big deal. We always had or went to a party with our close friends. We partied until dark and then we set off firecrackers – lots of firecrackers: big ones, little ones, legal ones, not so legal ones. It was always a big time and sometimes a big boom. So, when I think about the 4th of July, I don’t think about big fireworks displays, I think about firecrackers in someone’s backyard.

For the 4th of July this year, I made a quick, kid friendly project that reminds me of those evenings playing with fire. There is no gun powder involved, instead I made a necklace out of paper straws. Don’t they remind you of firecrackers?

paper straw

I love paper straws. They make any drink festive. But, for this project, I thought outside the glass. I made them into beads by simply cutting them with scissors.

paper straw beads

I cut various lengths and them threaded them onto jute twine. I tied a simple knot in between each bead. I made the necklace long enough to loop twice around my head and knotted the ends together. And, easy as that, I had a 4th of July firecracker necklace.

firecracker necklace

firecracker necklace firecracker necklace

What about you? Do you watch other people’s pyrotechnics on the 4th of July or do you play with firecrackers? Either way, have a fun and safe 4th!

- Laura

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  1. Randi Sowders

    I love necklace! It’s so cute and original!

    I want one for myself!

    I hope you come and link up with us!

    1. Laura

      Thanks Randi! Paper straws are everywhere, why not make something else out of them?

  2. Parrish (Life With The Crust Cut Off)

    This looks awesome!!! We would love it if you would link up at our linky party:

    Live every Wednesday to Sunday.

    1. Laura

      Thanks for the invitation Parrish, I am glad you liked my firecracker necklace.

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