Oct 15

pair of gloves spider

Hey all! Remember a couple weeks ago when I swapped blogs with Brianna of Craft Thyme? She shared some gorgeous fall leaves that she made with her kids. While I told her readers about a spider I made out of a pair of gloves. Today, I get to catch you up on all that arachnid goodness.

I love Halloween! It is such a fun holiday, and it is so much fun to make silly and spooky decorations. Yeah, for me, silly and spooky go together. I am the kind of girl that laughs at horror films (to the point that my husband won’t go to a scary movie with me). Speaking of silly and spooky, check out this spider I am going to show you how to make today… can you believe I made it out of a pair of gloves?

pair of gloves spider

I picked up a pair of basic black stretchy gloves in the dollar section of my local Michaels. Clearly I didn’t go to the craft store to find gloves, but I can’t resist browsing the deals in the dollar section. I looked at the 8 fingers and immediately thought spider… I know, I am weird like that. I took them home and experimented until I came up with the perfect pair of gloves spider. 

black gloves

The first thing to do to transform these gloves into a spider is to give them a little structure. I used pipe cleaners so the spider’s legs would be bendable and shapeable. I folded a pipe cleaner in half and bent down the tips to keep them from poking through the fingertips of the gloves. 

pipe cleaner for spider

I stuck the two ends of the pipe cleaner in two adjacent fingers. Since there are eight fingers, I needed a total of four pipecleaners, plus one for the thumbs. For the thumbs, I just bent down the tips and stuck it in one thumb for the time being.

gloves and pipe cleaners

Time to stuff. Get out a bag of fiberfill and stuff those gloves. I found it was easier to stuff each finger individually before stuffing the palm. Stuff all the fingers first, then the palm  and thumb of the glove with the pipe cleaner hanging out – get it good and stuffed. Don’t stuff the palm or thumb of the other glove yet.

stuffed gloves

Finally, stick the loose pipe cleaner end in the other thumb, and fill the thumb with stuffing. Now you are all set to transform your gloves into a spider. Put the stuffed glove inside the empty one folding the cuff of the empty one under as you go. Look, you have a spider!

pair of gloves spider

Spend a little time (or way to long if you want) bending and sculpting the legs to make your little spider look just right. Then seal up the “seam”. I just squirted in a little fabric glue, but you could also use white or hot glue, or simply stitch him shut. For a little extra fun, I glued on eight googly eyes. I actually took a minute to search spider eyes on google images to learn about spider-eye arrangements… yikes, that’s a creepy bunch of images. Happy Halloween! Good thing my pair of gloves spider is just as silly as he is spooky.

pair of gloves spider

Here is a fun spider factoid, the pincher things in front of spider’s mouthes (made by the thumbs of my gloves) are called chelicerae. The final segment of the chelicerae are the spider’s fangs. Google image that if you dare. 

So, if you have a few minutes and a pair of gloves, make your self a little spider and show off your new spider knowledge. Better yet, help a kid in your life make a pair of gloves spider and learn all about spiders together. 

What did I do with my pair of gloves spider? You will have to stop by later this week to find out!

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