Feb 08

Monkey lip whistle Valentines

Since I am just getting back into this whole blogging thing, I wasn’t going to share a kid’s Valentine this year. My plan was to take Thoughtful Boy to the store, let him pick out whatever silly little toy he wanted, go on Pinterest, and find a free printable to go with it. My last act as a non-blogger.

Little did I know he would pick out plastic lip whistles (they are from Hobby Lobby).

lip whistles

I did go on Pinterest and found this gorgeous printable made by Alexa from Persia Lou, but they just weren’t right. First, they just aren’t 3-year-old boy. Second, while I love cute little sayings and puns, the kids in my son’s preschool class can’t read yet so the fun is a little lost on them. So, I ended up making my own monkey lip whistle Valentines. No words, but still a little funny and darn cute. Thoughtful boy loved them. monkey lip whistle valentine

If you want to make your own monkey lip whistle Valentines, you are in luck. I’ve got the free printable for you! Download it here as a PDF file to print it out and cut it out with scissors. If you want to use a cutting machine (like I did), you can download it as a SVG file here, and a STUDIO file here.

monkey lip whistle Valentine Cut Out

Once your monkeys and the little hole for the mouth are all cut out, all you have to do is stick the lip whistle through the little rectangle. It should fit snugly and stay in place.


I hope that Thoughtful Boy’s preschool teacher doesn’t kill me for sending noise-making devices for all the kids in his class. I did give one a try, it sounds a bit like a kazoo, and luckily isn’t too awfully loud. Especially since we have enough extras for Thoughtful Boy to have one.

Monkey Lip Whistle Valentine

I hope your kids have great Valentine’s parties at school!

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  1. Ingrid

    where can you buy the lip whistle

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