Mar 19

T-shirt Yarn Easter Basket-tastic


T-shirts are soft and cuddly, so anything you make out of t-shirt yarn should be soft and cuddly as well. That was my hypothesis when I made my first t-shirt yarn. I thought I could crochet some cuddly stuffed animals for YMGP with it. Wrong. Fail.

T-shirt yarn is actually thick, stiff, heavy and kinda tough to work with. Common projects made with t-shirt yarn are rugs, foot stools, and tote bags – not necessarily the most cuddly items. Since I still wanted to make something for YMGP, I decided he needed a hand-made Easter Basket. He will be the most stylish toddler wandering about trying to find eggs mommy.

Hypothesis: T-shirt yarn is an ideal material with which to make an Easter Basket.

Result? Basket-tastic. Well almost basket-tastic. The major issue is that the handle didn’t really stand up well on its own. Not a huge deal, but not quite what I wanted. I weaved in a little florists wire, which fixed the problem. The final result, yes, basket-tastic.


I also shredded up the un-useable bits of t-shirt to make grass for the basket.

basketwitheggs basketingrass So how did I make it? Check out the free pattern. I have a little yarn left over… can I get another project out of my t-shirt upcycle? I hope you have a basket-tastic Easter!


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