May 24

Deck Out My Deck: nail and string art


Since my deck furniture has had a makeover (check out my chairs and side table), it is time to ACCESSORIZE. Yay!

I love spending time outdoors. I love sunshine, blue skies, and fresh air. I wanted to make an accessory to remind me to take a deep breath and enjoy my time outside with my family. I did it with one simple word…. air.

I decided to try my hand (and hammer) at nail and string art… and I love how it turned out.

I started out at my computer. I picked out a font (you can download it here), opened up illustrator and typed “air” with 700 pt letters. Then I dashed the line using 3pt dashes and 20pt gaps. I hit print and had a template. air-01

I got a wooden plaque at the craft store, a box of nails at Lowes and a hammer out of AMGP’s tool box. 

before nail and string

Stop. Hammer time. 

nailing string art

I ended up not quite using my template exactly, since some of the dots are really close together. I learned to hammer carefully and be sure to only hit one nail at a time. If not, you will bend a nail. And let me tell you, it is hard to pull a nail out of the middle of all the other nails. I had to get a pair of pliers.

all nailed up

Once all my nails were in, I ripped off the paper template and got to stringing. I used size 10 crochet thread. I seemed like the Goldilocks of threads… yarn would be to think, sewing thread would be to thin, and embroidery floss would be too difficult to deal with. I went around the border of the letters first and then filled them with no particular pattern. A couple knots and she was done.

air string and nail art

My nail and string art is just a breath of fresh air, don’t ya think?

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  1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy

    I love this! What a fun idea.

    1. Laura

      Thanks Kara! I love it too. It is kinda unexpected outside, but it looks great!

  2. Palisades

    What kind (and size) nails did you use?

  3. CC

    Love to see this back “in”. Like your choice of words, too.

    1. Laura

      Thanks CC! I didn’t realize that nail and string art was either “in” or “out”, but I would rather be in than out!! Glad you stopped by.

  4. Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    I love the power of one carefully chosen word, and “air” is so fitting for your outdoor space. This is truly such an eye-catching piece of art. Brava, Laura!

    1. Laura

      I love the power of an amazing well-worded comment. Thanks for leaving them time after time.

  5. Rebekah

    What size nails did you use??

    1. Laura

      Hi Rebekah. I honestly didn’t pay any attention to the size, and the rest are packed away at the moment. I don’t think that the size really matters at all, but I would choose a finishing nail or other nail with a small head. Also, I used coated nails with some iron in them, and that was a mistake. If you are going to display the nail and string art outside, be sure to get stainless steel nails. I hope that helps with your nail selection! Thanks for your question.

  6. emine

    We are a few women making and selling similar nail and string art pieces .Trying to be more professional We use metal strings instead .

    Would you check our site ? Thank you .

    1. Laura

      Oh my gosh, Emine… your artwork is stunning. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.

  7. emine

    our web is, http://www.nailstring.com

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