Mar 29

Yarn Scrap Dog Toy


Last week, I cut up a bunch of t-shirts to make an Easter Basket for YMGP. I had a little bit of yarn left, and I wanted to make sure to put those t-shirts to their full potential by using all the yarn.

I love my dog. But, she doesn’t always get the attention she deserves with a toddler running around. So, I try to make some special time for her. I decided it would be fun to make her a special yarn scrap dog toy for our mommy-puppy time.

Hypothesis: My dog will love a toy made of t-shirt yarn scraps (and a couple tennis balls).

I cut the remaning t-shirt yarn into arm lengths.


Then I separated it into three equal piles and braided each one.


I started to braid them together stopping one-third of the way through to insert a tennis ball. In order to insert the ball, I had to cut holes in each side of it. I did this with a heavy-duty pair of kitchen scissors.


In order to thread one of the braids through, I had to fashion a needle out of wire. Pulling it through was the hardest part of this whole project.

dogtoyNeedle Once the tennis ball was in place, I simply braided on and repeated about two-thirds of the way through. Finally I tied a big, tight knot in both ends, and the yarn scrap dog toy was finished.


Fair warning… Cute pictures coming up….  HERE GIRL!

dogtoyJump dogtoyRun dogtoyForLogo She loved it. She played with it all day. However, we eventually started calling it her ‘one-day toy’. She is really smart, and almost always figures out the weak spot in toys and bones and focuses her energy to cause maximum destruction. Well, she found the weakness in the yarn scrap dog toy – that I only strung the tennis balls on one of the three t-shirt yarn braids. If I did this again, I would thread all three. Oh well, we had some fun and she had an awesome toy – for a day.


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  1. Kegga

    Such cute pictures! And a great idea for a dog toy… I am impressed with your creativity, and the many ways you seem to be able to re-purpose t-shirt scraps. I’ll never throw out old t-shirts again without thinking, “what would Laura make out of this?” Love it!!!

  2. Melanie

    Dakota does the same thing! Clever, troublesome dogs. 🙂

  3. OneMommy

    Love it!
    Our dog loves toys like that, although, like you said, they don’t last long! I have tons of shirts I was going to donate of my husband’s… Maybe we will make a dog toy instead!

    1. Laura

      I hope yours lasts more than one day!

  4. michelle@decorandthedog

    Ike is a destroyer which is why he doesn’t get homemade dog toys. Yours is adorable though…as is your dog!!

    1. Laura

      Thanks Michelle! One day maybe she will sit still for photos like Ike does…

  5. AMGP

    Is this where all my T-shirts went?!

  6. Leisa

    So cute! I’m glad your girl enjoyed her toy, even if only for a day… my Schnauzer Charlie does that too–he can decimate one of those toys in half an hour, and although he likes to play Frisbee, they only last for one to two sessions 🙂 I’ll have to try one of these, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Laura

      Thanks Leisa, I hope Charlie likes his homemade toy!

  7. Cara Coe

    I might add, Laura, in your defense…boxers love toys like this and love to “kill” them. So, although the toy didn’t last, She did love it! My boxer loved all manners of rope toys, and would “kill” them, too. 🙂 You’re a good fur-mommy! 🙂

    1. Laura

      Thanks Cara! Our boxer is funny, she ‘kills’ some things, and keeps others forever. So cute. Thanks for stopping by and telling me about your boxer-baby!

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