How To Make An Infinity Scarf – In Just 30 Second

Are you the kind of person who likes to do some mix and match with his attire? Or do you own some unused old shirt and want to make them useful. I have sorted some ways for you to make this instant DIY Infinity scarf, which you can rock in any of your friend’s meetups, business meetings, or any family gathering. You don’t need to go heavy on the budget or plan to spend a hefty amount on one scarf just follow our guide and learn what to do with old t shirts. All you have to do is just reach down your closet and find out those unused shirts that you no longer use, or you haven’t used ever in your life.

Now is the time to make them art class sessions in practical work and learn how to make an infinity scarf just from basic things available in your home. For those fellow females who don’t know which materials will suit best for your DIY Infinity scarf, you can always choose some materials ranging from gauze, chiffon, mink, flannel, or even a stretchy lace. It all depends on the look that you want to go for.


Well, for now, what I can recommend is using some old T-shirts that you no longer use now.

As you know. I am a scientist. I work in a lab. For those of you that have never been in a real lab! they are kind of a messy place, not the kind of place you want to rock your nice business casual attire or even your own DIY look. So, for me, I wear t-shirts pretty much every day, which is fantastic most of the time. I love t-shirts, they are soft and comfy – like carrying around a piece of home on your back. But sometimes, I want to dress my t-shirts up a bit so that I look a little more presentable for a lunch date or something. What is a girl to do? Make some t-shirt accessories!

DIY 30 second infinity scarf

Here I am presenting some nice and simple DIY steps to make yourself an infinity scarf all by some imagination using an old T-Shirt.

It all takes you 30 seconds only to make an infinity scarf out of a t-shirt. I used and will prefer to use XXXL t-shirts that I bought for a couple of bucks at the craft store, but you could use any old t-shirt as per your convenience. However, the bigger the shirt you start with, the bigger your scarf will be. My XXXL shirts made really big (perhaps a little too big) scarves.

Do you have 30 seconds? Alright, here is how to make an infinity scarf.

how to make an infinity scarf

I will be showing you a simple way how to make a quick embellishment for your scarf out of your leftover t-shirt, but honestly, I am in love with these scarves as awesome as they look and feel.

infinity scarf

You can wear one or multiple. If you want to wear more than two, I suggest making them a little skinnier.

But, if you are the embellishing type, let’s make a 1-minute t-shirt flower. Start by going back to your t-shirt scraps.

Follow the following simple steps in order to get yourself the DIY Infinity scarf.


an infinity scarf

Step 1: Cut your t-shirt sleeve with a pair of scissors as shown and then repeat on the other sleeve, or better yet, a sleeve from another shirt. You will have several loops bound by the armpit seam. Stretch those loops out. You should have something that looks like this. And also, and find a couple of safety pins to hold them together in one place.

scarf stuff

Step 2: Hold your big loops together and fasten one safety pin around the two seams and the other around the loops 180 degrees away.

scarf hand

Step 3: Grab hold of those two safety pins and twist them in opposite directions. Keep twisting until you just can’t twist anymore. Move these frills in a circular motion until a rope shaped twisty material is obtained.

scarf twist
Step 4: Once it gets super-twisty, it will want to loop around itself, guide it into a spiral – just like putting your hair in a bun. Move it in a way that it brings the outside of the spiral to the back and uses the safety pin to secure it. The other safety pin can be used to pin your flower onto your scarf, or anything else you like to give it a girly feel. When you pin it onto something, insert the safety pin vertically, which keeps your flower from looking too droopy.

scarf and bd

After seeing the final product, you won’t be able to believe that you had a shirt once. It’s a complete makeover to your shirt that is now transformed into a scarf, an infinity scarf per se.

DIY infinity scarf

Now you have handmade DIY Infinity scarf to rock in business meetings, the family gets together, or you can even gift it to your loved ones. I love to gift some of these to my fellow colleagues who have liked it whenever I bring these to office. So you never know once you learn these simple DIY tricks to make an infinity scarf by yourself, you can get some orders to deliver as well. Well, that’s a win-win in all situations.

I, from the very beginning, always had this thing for DIY Scarf. There are plenty of materials from which you can make this DIY Infinity scarf, but making it from a T-shirt is one of my favorite ones. Why? Because not only it is cost-effective, but it is also easy to make from just a handful of supplies. You can add a flare of some other fabric or shirt as you like, and once you follow the steps as above, you got yourself one own Infinity scarf to go with our guide on how to make an infinity scarf.

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I love making things out of t-shirts. Do you like to wear scarves, even in the summer? If yes, rush to your summer T-shirts and get them all classy-ed up, yeah?!

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