DIY Cat Tree with Step by Step Plan

Are you a cat owner, or do you know someone in your life who is? This is a very simple and easy to build DIY cat tree project that you can assemble within a reasonable budget! And your cat can have their own play condo. The design is pretty much like a big cat condo or a tree, and it has every spot in it that your cat would love to jump onto, play around hanging from the ledges or hide into!

Stylish furniture isn’t for humans only, after all! Your furry fellows deserve the same special spots in the home pretty much as anyone else! The design of this DIY cat tree is flawless, and the materials to assemble this are all easily available. Make your cat the perfect sisal and carpet DIY cat tree for letting it scratch, nap, and have all the cat-fun in one place! It is quite fun to make them their own designated fun area. Plus, the whole thing is quite inexpensive to assemble by using wooden boards, sisal rope, carpet, bolts, glue stick, drill holes, screws, and a few more basic supplies.

DIY Cat Tree

Oh, and let’s not forget that you can make this large cat tree in even less than a day! So, let’s just get started.

Free DIY Cat Tree Plan

How to make a cat tree?

Cat trees are quite expensive, but with a few changes and additions, you can alter every design as per your requirements. Which is mainly depending upon the space available. Also, the number of cats. You can work around the platforms, as in if you have more cats, you can add more platforms. Add more cat tree house and forms for letting your cats rest in their safe zones! Every DIY cat tree or condo has a certain design revolving around some particular key elements that a cat tree must include.

Easily make these cat scratch posts and roomy fabric hammocks for your cats. Start by sketching the design first. The design can be really anything you want, so you have complete liberty for customizations. But, just to give you an idea, any modern cat tree can be built if you keep in mind these three things or features. These are as follows:

Cat Tree Plan:

Height: The height of a cat tree is most important. Cat’s usually like jumping over tall places and keeping an eye on everything around them. The tutorial features a 7-foot-tall cat tree to compliment the decor of the room, which already has a 7-foot-tall silk plant. This coordination will give the room a triangular effect on the wall.

Tail Chasing: Cats love chasing their own tails! You must have seen those fun videos where cats are running after their own tails! Especially when they are hanging off the ledges. So, this DIY cat tree has ledges included. All the more reasons to let your cats have all the fun, and you can have some fun Instagram shots and videos!

Hiding: Cats love hiding in small and warm places. When they are scared or unsure of anything, they like hiding out over cabinets or inboxes. So, a DIY cat tree must include a perfect hiding spot. If you have more than one cat, setting up more boxes can be more fun for your cats to play around together in one place. Let’s dive in and start building this fun DIY cat tree and make your furry fellows feel even more special!

PVC pipes 1

PVC pipes 2


The following are the materials or supplies you will need to build this DIY cat tree.

  • 12 inches of concrete form
  • Three 2 x 6 foot ¾ inches of plywood boards
  • 2 x 4s; 16 ½ feet of junk
  • 16 ½ feet of 8 inch PVC pipes
  • Sisal rope; 4 packages
  • About 60 feet of carpet
  • 5 long lag bolts
  • 6 lag bolts
  • Cat hammock out of 1 foot of fabric
  • Lots of glue sticks with staples

60 feet of carpet

5 Long lag bolts

Building Guide:

Start by building columns! Cutting the PVC into 4 sizes; 3 – 2 feet, 2 – 2.5 feet, 1- 3.5 feet, and 2- 1 foot. After that, fit the 2 x 4 pieces into the PVC pipes by screwing them in. Start drilling holes for the bolts. Once, you are through that. Now, wrap each pole with sisal rope or carpet by using high-temperature glue. By wrapping the sisal rope around the poles, you can get your cats more scratching post area! Cat’s especially love standing around poles and scratching, so it might just become their favorite spot.

plywood boards

Next comes building the platforms. The base platform is 2 x 2 feet! In this tutorial, the cat tree has 4 levels. And, level 1 platform is 2 x 2 ft. with one corner cut. Level 2 and level 3 are 2 x1 1 ft. Whereas, level 4 is 1 x 1 ft. Make sure to pre-drill holes in the boards. This way, you can easily fit them in the pole and screw them in.

12 inch concrete form 1

Now, comes the concrete form! By using a protractor, draw a perfectly round circle outside the form. For wedging the top and bottom of the form, cut two more circles out of the wood. Cover the inside floor and the outside of this entire form with a cozy carpet!

12 inch concrete form 2

The ETA for this DIY cat tree is above 3 years! Your cat would love playing around, jumping on and off the ledges, and hiding in the box. You can also attach stringy things and toys to the tree, and he is going to love them quite much!pin it for laterHow to build a DIY Cat Tree

To give the cat tree a more appealing look as it is going to go impact your decor, you can coordinate the color of the carpet. Or also swirl some artificial leafy branches around! So, build your cat this homey and purrfect DIY cat tree and get your furry friend a happy play place! We are sure every cat wishes they had their own condo, and we have heard it quite right!

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    • You can use anything to make that, from cardboard to large tin cans, but here you can try plywood boards on bottom and top and then cover it’s sides with cardboard or carpet.


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