How To Keep Ribbon From Fraying

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Exchanging gifts helps build positive relations among individuals, make one feel privileged that other people took some time out of there busy schedule, and got them a lovely gift. But, what makes a gift even more special? The effort put in wrapping it! But, the wrapping goes down the road when it is ruined with a frayed ribbon! It is said that the desire to hide the identity of a gift until just the right moment led people to wrap gifts.

This way gifts look more appealing and presentable once they are packed nicely in a beautiful wrapping paper with a colorful satin ribbon. Ribbons can be easily accessed from any departmental store or a craft store near you, and there are a variety of designs for you to help decorate your gift for your loved ones.

When wrapping a gift, picking the right color, cutting or the ribbon matters a lot because a ribbon, when cut, leaves some fringes at its end, and it looks a bit tacky. In order to get those edges, a sweet and neat trim cut with a nice and sharp scissor is what you want.

If I want to send a gift to a friend of mine I would make sure that not only that gift is liked by the person to whom I am sending but also that gift is wrapped with a nice trimmed ribbon which sends a good impression that I have spent my ample time to wrap it. So, today, I am going to share with you how to keep ribbon from fraying?

how to keep ribbon from fraying easy trick

It is no secret that I love ribbon. Anytime it isn’t too over the top, I tie something up with ribbon. It makes me happy to see the final wrapped gift.

Do you know what doesn’t make me happy? Frayed, flimsy ribbon ends.

Learn How to prevent the ribbon from fraying:

Recently I learned a quick and simple trick to keep the ribbon from fraying, and it somehow changed my life, not to be overly dramatic or anything! But, I am very keen and concerned about the final appeal of my gift! You know like they say curtains give the finishing touches to any room, in my belief so does the ribbon to any gift!

ribbon fray together

If you too have been wondering on how to keep the ribbon from fraying, let me tell you the process is s bit tricky but all you need is just a few supplies:


  • Lighter
  • Synthetic fiber ribbon (the shiny one sin a layman’s term)
  • Patience and care

To prevent getting the frayed edged ribbon ends, all you need is a long lighter for this task to have a well-trimmed and neat ribbon to make a nice impression.

ribbbon fray flame

Don’t go so harsh on the ribbon else you will burn the edge, and It will leave a smeared black end, which will look tacky and absurd.

ribbon fray onfire

Amazed as to how this can happen? Most of the ribbons you buy in the craft store are made of either synthetic fiber (polyester, nylon, and/or polypropylene; i.e., plastic) that will melt when exposed to fire. The melted edge seals the fibers together and keeps them from fraying.

Do not try this trick with any natural fiber ribbon. How do you know? If your ribbon is even a little bit shiny, it is probably synthetic (unless it is silk, but I think you would know if you bought a real silk ribbon). Otherwise, it is perhaps made of natural materials, which will not melt, just burn.

how to keep ribbon from fraying

Pretty awesome trick, right? By the way, I learned this trick from a friend of mine…. Thanks for changing my life, Florence! Plus, I hope this life-changing chain continues and I might have got some of you with this Monica-nly desire to make everything go perfect! Welcome to the world of fray-free ribbons.

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